It’s that time of year…

Hurricane Season has arrived.

The forecast for this weekend in southern Florida is damp, although not particularly windy. The wind speeds are forecast to be just below tropical storm level (39 MPH >).

Doesn’t look like I’ll be getting a walk in on Saturday morning… unless I want to slosh through the puddles and get soaked in the process.

The as yet unnamed storm (called Cyclone #1) may build to hurricane strength once it crosses the Florida peninsula.

I’m sure the winter snowbirds are scattering to the north if they haven’t already…

This is Florida and nothing unexpected. The ponds are low and we need the water… which will also cause some localized flooding on roadways.

I’ll keep you updated…

UPDATE; 4th June 09:15 EDT

Rain. Rain. Rain. Little wind, lots of rain, now for well over 24 hours. This little storm is a true rainmaker. Southern Florida needed the moisture. Miami is probably flooded as it has now rained over 10 inches in some areas.

No walkies for me until later today or tomorrow morning…

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