Eliza: On a Soul’s Journey

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Eliza: On a Soul’s Journey

Note to Readers: I wrote this piece over a month or more all the while I was busy re-editing my book series… which at some point I hope to self-publish… which costs $$. Anyway, if the text below seems a bit disjointed, it is due to my adding bits and pieces now and then…

Oh, goodie… finally I am motivated to write something… “

It’s been a year since I closed down the blog “The Starseed Highway”, a move that shocked some of my older readers.  The material on the older blog had originally been imported from still another blog and so on.  It wasn’t my material although I was paying for the blog.  During the 2020 pandemic shutdowns, I found myself questioning everything to a greater degree… especially those things I had been told about myself, the Pleiades, stories of my ‘star family’, etc.  I realized that I did not resonate with the material that had been formerly contained in Starseed Highway and decided to first, take the blog offline, which I did for a time, and then I came up with the radical idea to completely delete everything and replace it with material that was coming through at the time from “Sunny” or Sundeelia Rafaela Kumara VaCoupe.

So, this version of Blue Dragon Journal 2.0 went on for a while until I got the notion of changing the name to “Sunny’s Journal”, to reflect the primary author or at least my nom de plume of the time, Sundeelia Kumara.

And then, in May/June 2021, my world construct blew up completely.  I had connected with the works of Kerry K, Elena Danaan, Alex Collier, and Michael Salla.  I came to the sudden realization that everything… yes, EVERYTHING I had ever learned or had been taught/told or what had come through via ‘channeling’ about the Pleiades, Sirius and Venus… was all cock and bull.  Perhaps one of the only things ‘correct’ was the fact that some Pleiadians are vegan; that is, they eat only vegetal food, no flesh, or animal products.  However, I have since discovered that some of the people from the Taygeta system (Ashaara) do eat animal products – that would be the Taal. As a consequence, these Taal (T-Mar) resonate at a lower frequency than their Ahel cousins who live in the same solar system.  Not all Taal on their numerous colonies resonate at the same frequency.  Some have gone well beyond even 5D… like the Zenae, of what we call the Andromedan constellation.  The Taal renegades of Taalihara in the Jayha star system (Alcyone) have actually fallen in frequency due to their alignment with Orion Greys and regressive Reptilians.  So, there is much more variation in even those descendants of the Hu mans of the Lyra system than one would imagine. 

It would appear one of the best ways to remove oneself from the influence of the Orion Greys or any other low-frequency species is to raise your own frequency, as an individual and as a collective.  Commander Thor Han, a pilot in the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW) is always emphasizing: “Raise your frequency!”

Another fact that soon came apparent to me through my research was that two factions of ‘Pleiadians’ exist, one regressive (Jayha) and the other benevolent, the residents of four planets in the star system of Ashaara (Taygeta).  Before the arrival of the arks that brought Lyran colonists to the Pleiadian star cluster, there were no planets, period.  The suns were too young. The star cluster is filled with luminous nebula, cosmic ‘dust’ that is illuminated by the bright blue-light stars of the open cluster.  The colonists were able to terraform planets to create new worlds to live upon.  Ten planets were created in the Taygetan solar system, four are inhabited.  The extras are used for resources.

It was thought by the Lyran refugees who arrived in the Pleiades that there being no inhabited worlds, there was less to attract their foes like the Ciakahrr who had pillaged the former home worlds located in the Man system (Lyran K62).  The Taal splinter group who eventually created their own planetary system around Jayha, were upset that their Ahel cousins got the largest planet in the Ashaara system (Taygeta).  It would seem jealousy, competition, and the like has long been a part of some of the Hu man legacy… at least when a race or individual refuse to take responsibility and project their sense of anger and betrayal out upon others… The Taaliharan leaders, at any rate, have aligned themselves with the regressive elements of the Orion Grey collective.  They have been heavily involved in the dark agenda of the global elite on Terra, as well.

The process of sorting out the pieces and reconfiguring my understanding took months.  I can honestly say, I still don’t know for sure what was my latest star system of origin, but I can say that my origins in this Galaxy were in the Man system, what Terrans call “Lyra” or the Lyran zone.

To say that I was entirely shocked by what I was learning would be a misnomer, as I had already been actively questioning the narrative, I was being fed from various well-meaning sources… who I will not name here. My intention in sharing my journey is not to negate or question or judge that of someone else.

Kindly, do not ask me questions like: “Am I a Pleiadian?’  I regard questions about the particular origin of a starseed to be part and parcel of a personal inner journey that only you can make.  For instance, it took my sister, Tazjma, twenty years, two decades, to discover her soul origins… which is, in reality, only part of the story since we are all multidimensional beings.  She knew she had connections with the Sirian Star Nation, as well as the Pleiades, and with Venus.  In the end, she discovered that she is currently a blended being of both Pleiadian and Venusian (Sirian) light lineages. Or rather she was told that her father is Pleiadian; her mother is Venusian.  This is still possible as there is several Taal colonies present on Venus and other beings there, which I do not know the identity of yet…

BTW, the galactic emissary who worked with President Eisenhower, Commander Val Thor is, to this day, a resident of Venus and lives in a protected domed city there. He is a Taal, descended from the former Lyran world. I am not suggesting here that I have any connection to the commander. He was sent to Terra on behalf of the Council of Five (formerly the Council of Nine) and the Galactic Federation of Worlds, but that’s another story, and one that has been shared by Michael Salla, Laura Eisenhower, and Elena Danaan. If the commander’s mission had succeeded, we wouldn’t be dealing with the remnants of the dark cabal today; our planet’s history and trajectory would have been very different, but humanity chose a more difficult path to wisdom and enlightenment…

Focusing on your personal spiritual journey will, eventually, allow you to discover your own answers to this particular question.  If you really must find out the answer and feel you require some assistance, there are people whom you can contact that provide such information.  I have chosen not to go there. I found out that oft times when someone else other than your inner knowing tells you something about you… there might be an agenda involved, that might not necessarily be for your benefit or well-being.  And then, there will be people who can determine your soul origins, rather easily, by studying your Akashic records, but for the sake of your growth, choose not to reveal that information.

I have a sense that my soul journey was spent in part within the Orion Zone, a vast area filled with a huge variety of worlds and life. This was during the Orion Wars, a huge conflagration that is still reverberating across the Galaxy to this day. That is a topic I may have to delve into in another article.  Does the phrase, “The Black League” resonate with any of you out there?  That was the title of the rebel group who fought against the Nebu or Grey Alliance during the Orion Wars.  Many of the souls who are now starseeds on Terra are reincarnated rebels, who are working off their own karma from those long, very long wars.  This is not done by ‘saving’ anyone or pontificating about your beliefs, but finally coming back into connection within with your own soul essence, with Source, being your own savior by returning into alignment.

So much of what we’ve been taught here has been formulated from a pile of lies, really old ones.  However, what we sort through are our own beliefs and programs taken on by simply being here on this, living within a misaligned society.  Each of us is responsible for coming here, diving through the depths of our own inner darkness.  This requires intense and courageous self-honesty, allowing our feelings to rise as the cosmic energies intensify.  We learn to allow thoughts to float through us, without connecting to them, mistaking them for our own.  The same thing applies to emotions… many of them aren’t ours; we don’t have to be upset by what appears to dominate people’s attention in social media.  It is an artificial reality, a mini-matrix that takes your attention away from the reality that exists all around you and within your own body.

Breathe, breathe deeply and place your awareness on the breath, while you feel the tension, anxiety, depression, anger… simply melt away.  When anxious and distracted, breathe, simply breathe.  You are reconnecting with the Cosmos, with Source through your breath. The fabric of the Cosmos exists and holds you within itself, even as your energy bodies contain the real you.  You are not the physical avatar.  You are the Universe.

And so, I tell myself… it is alright to not know everything.  It is alright to be an innocent like the Fool in Tarot, stepping off into the great unknown and into an expansion of what is possible, what is potential.  Another thing, humility, having and holding a humble understanding that it is basically impossible for someone to know or understand everything, helps in learning to accept where you are now. We are, all of humanity, every living creature, is an act in progress, the Universe getting acquainted with yet another portion of itself through the process of experience. In the end, we are all energy, waves and particles floating through the ethers… Light, bound together by the force we call Love.

We tend to limit ourselves by placing labels on us… “I’m a starseed”; “I’m a Pleiadian”; “I’m a sensitive”; “I’m an American”.  Your labels do not define the vastness of your being.  The English language just isn’t sufficient for defining the indefinable nature of the Cosmos, so I will end here.

It’s raining outside. Hurricane season has arrived.  I slept 11 hours last night, with the pitter-patter of rain lulling me into a deep slumber.  I don’t mind the rain; we need the moisture although after over 30 hours of straight rain, I think the ponds are now beginning to fill-up.  The sand box is now full.

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of summer in the northern latitudes and the beginning of winter in the south.  Perhaps someday our planet will be carefully realigned, that is, unless you think we live on a dinner plate.

Thanks for reading this wandering tale…


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4 Responses to Eliza: On a Soul’s Journey

  1. Barbara says:

    Super essay, Eliza, thank you. We are in agreement with respect to not needing to know everything. Good heavens, if we did, where would the curiosity, the courage, the expansion, etc. go? I’m doing my best to remain an observer, though that can prove challenging. But what I’m noticing in others is that since the C-V fear is fading, and people are more at ease with one another, the collective has become much more affectionate and fun to be in and around! Indomitable spirit is so refreshing! Thanks again, I always enjoy your essays. Much love, Barbara


  2. Gunnar says:

    I enjoyed reading this. Eliza, thank you so much for sharing♥
    Love and light♥


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