Disclosure vs Disinformation

It’s not always black and white – Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

Eliza: Disclosure versus Disinformation

I’ve been in this game for a long time. What game you might ask? Well, the game of sorting out the true disclosure versus dealing with and discerning the disinformation.

Back in the late 1980’s, I was a member of a New Age cult. I realize that some people would be upset with my characterizing the Church Universal and Triumphant as such, but there it is… at least for me – it was a cult.  I have first hand experience of the veracity of my stance as I lived on the grounds of the Montana-based Royal Teton Ranch for two years.

While in the church, I learned an assortment of carefully researched material that the research division of the publishing house dug up for Elizabeth Clare Prophet. By the time I came on the scene, her first husband (actually second) Mark Prophet had passed away. The Ranch was in the process of a major construction push as it was anticipated that CUT was selling their Malibu, California property and moving to Montana.  If you care to research more on the history of this institution, there is material available online and more can be found in the numerous books, records, DVDs available from the Summit Lighthouse, the publishing arm of the mostly defunct church.

The teachings of the “church” were an amalgamation of teachings from several different cultures, ranging from Hindu to Christian mystic and everything in-between. It was a fertile ground for someone like me who loved to learn new things, especially from a different perspective than my very traditional somewhat Christian background.  I say “somewhat” as I actually told my mother when I was about 13 that I no longer wanted to go to church as I didn’t believe the hell and damnation sermons being given by our new Methodist minister.  I also didn’t like the minister’s son who had, the previous summer, attempted to drown me in a cold fast-moving river… although no one believed me at the time.

Anyway, back to the New Age movement… which I feel is more appropriate referred to as the “new age cage”, another pretty dressed cage in which to entrap unsuspecting souls who have not sufficiently anchored their light bodies into their physical vehicles. There is evidence out there that maintains the whole New Age movement was set up by the Central Intelligence Agency back in the 1950’s in anticipation of the awakening of a greater portion of the population than ever before.

To understand how a government agency would care about a religious or spiritual movement, you have to begin to comprehend the power of symbols and the deep cultural and racial roots of spirituality that speak at a deep, often well-buried level of the human psyche. 

And beyond that, you need to wrap your mind around the fact that our planet has been a captured operation for thousands of years. Not only that, those who have been in control have access to time travel technology, something Nikola Tesla rediscovered in the late 19th century. In short we have been ruled over by a secret hand that was extraterrestrial in origin and not entirely benevolent in nature.

Now, I understand that there are prominent people like Steven Greer and Dolores Cannon who have maintained that all extraterrestrials are benevolent in their purpose in being here.  I suppose from a certain very detached perspective that could be considered truth.  However, those who have suffered from being traumatized during an alien abduction, or hideously abused by intentional Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) to create a fragmented mind, so the subject could used in various experiments and secret terrestrial and space programs… or the children and adults who are kidnapped and taken into the galactic slave trade never to be returned to Terra ever again… no, benevolent is not the word I would use for these creatures who perpetrate such activities.

And more recently, now that the Nebu, Ciakahrr and their human allies have been driven from our planet and their bases on planets, moons, planetoids, asteroids, in our solar system… we find yet another weapon being used against true disclosure by individuals who have through some manner been carefully set up with “programs” that would activate when needed.  These intentional Trojan horses were set up by the Nebu Greys who are masters of disinformation, deception and deceit. Now that the Nebu and their allies have been removed from Terra and disclosure is coming out through carefully selected sources, the programs have been activated in an attempt to sow confusion, disinformation, and division among the people who are paying attention and are aware of an underlying regressive alien agenda being behind the current psychotic moves of the Satanic cult that has attempted to rule the planet through its financial system.

Just recently I listened to an interview given by a guy who claimed to have been a super soldier. Now, I have no doubt that super soldiers or at least augmented human soldiers have been utilized by the various secret space programs and by off-world intergalactic corporations as security teams, pilots, research and development, etc. Depending on an individual’s IQ and genetics determined whether or not an individual was a candidate for one of the black projects.  Certain genetic lines were targeted through generations of contact, abduction – sometimes benevolent, other times not. Yet this guy claimed to know the entirety of galactic history, something that even ET sources are not always clear on – some things do remain hidden.  And then this fellow made a major faux pas or miscalculation… certainly an overstep… by claiming that Elena Danaan had been murdered and replaced with a droid/clone. Say what?

Here is a piece by Galactic Anthropology who gives his opinion on the matter of so-called disclosure being put out by this individual… prior to his latest gaffe… https://galacticanthropology.org/2022/07/02/some-thoughts-on-the-philosophy-of-ismael-perez/

I added my own thoughts regarding Ismael Perez in this Note to Readers: https://sunnysjournal.com/2022/07/03/some-thoughts-on-the-philosophy-of-ismael-perez-galactic-anthropology/

This past week, Elena put up a notice on her Telegram channel that this person had, in effect, accused her of being a fake and a fraud, a plant to confuse people.  I knew precisely who she was referring to, although Elena being a thoroughly kind person, did not mention the culprit by name. And then yesterday, Michael Salla put up a message on his Telegram channel, stating:

“I kept an open mind about Ismael Perez’s claims but his idiotic comments about Elena Danaan being murdered & replaced by a Droid reveal he is regurgitating other people’s info including mine & passing it off as his own to set himself up as a new authority. IMHO he is part of another DS psyop to confuse and muddy the waters about ET life and SSPs”: https://youtu.be/dshNVBvxvBw?t=1321

And then this morning, ICONS put up a message from Alex Collier which in a nutshell dismissed this individual’s claims to fame as pure unadulterated sh*t, especially his claim that Elena Danaan is fake and an alien droid. After having watched numerous videos and read three of her books, I have personally found Elena to be a gracious, intelligent, well-spoken, polite, truthful person dedicated to performing her mission as a representative from the Galactic Federation of Worlds. As for her detractors, do I sense a bit of jealousy floating around in all of the vitriol they are spitting out? Hmm, I wonder, but do make the effort yourself to determine what you think and feel about the matter.  I would rather believe not only what Elena, Michael Salla, and Alex Collier are saying, but also what I feel about these individuals.

Within the past two years, I have systematically stripped myself of old beliefs, conditioning, programs, and ancient karmic records, from my own lifetimes and what I inherited through the genetics of my parents.  For a time, I believed things that I am still in the process of discarding. This a sorting out of old baggage that many people are undergoing as the planet continues to raise in frequency.

Terra… the name the ETs call our lovely planet, has already moved into fourth density, 4D, and is slowly ascending into fifth density or 5D. I can tell you now that the plants and animals of our planet already exist in 5D consciousness. It is the humans who are holding up the show as it were and that hold up has been designed into the system by intent.

Now, I realize there is a large contingent of humans who identify those of the dark as being “evil” and the opposition, the “good guys” as being, well, good or well-intended. These folks assert that “God” is on their side and will save the day. If it were so simple… more on that subject later…

What humanity has forgotten, lost sight of was our eternal, everlasting connection to Source, what some people refer to as “God”. These same well-intended folks, of course, call upon or claim that their god is coming to save them.  And that, dear reader, is yet another program that has been installed into our collective subconscious through ages of manipulation, deceit, deception, violence, and dark intent. We were never disconnected from Source, but because we believed we were, it manifested as truth in our experience.  We had forgotten that we are powerful, creator Beings… In short, we ARE Source… or at least a fractal of Source essence lives as a flame within each of us.  And that, my friends, is what our now former regressive ET controllers desperately do not want us to know and feel within the depths of our being.

I’m going to end this piece here and continue on with Part II, regarding my own discovery of at least a portion of galactic history relating to the Orion Wars, at least the part that took place within the star system Terrans call “Sirius”.


Eliza Ayres @ https://sunnysjournal.com; © All Rights Reserved, 2022

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4 Responses to Disclosure vs Disinformation

  1. Barbara says:

    “Terra… the name the ETs call our lovely planet, has already moved into fourth density, 4D, and is slowly ascending into fifth density or 5D. I can tell you now that the plants and animals of our planet already exist in 5D consciousness. It is the humans who are holding up the show as it were and that hold up has been designed into the system by intent.”

    Absolute agreement, Eliza, with your above quote. It seems that 4D is more of a challenge to overcome than 3D, at least from my perspective/experience, particularly in dream time.

    But dealing with 4D with the knowing that: “We were never disconnected from Source, but because we believed we were, it manifested as truth in our experience. We had forgotten that we are powerful, creator Beings… In short, we ARE Source… or at least a fractal of Source essence lives as a flame within each of us.”

    … 4D loses its impact. Again, in my experience, it seems karmic sorting is faster in 4D than 3D. Interesting that plants and animals are leading the way, they have no baggage, no disconnection from Source so that makes sense to me and I’m glad of it!

    Thanks, Eliza, for all that you do here at SJ… much love, Altea


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Yes, Altea, you’re exactly correct when you stated karmic sorting is faster in 4D than 3D. The lower the density, the slower the karmic return. In the case of our erstwhile “controllers” I would venture to say they are in the midst of experiencing a huge karmic slap, made more powerfully impactful for the decades, that “they” have managed to put it off by arranging things so we unconsciously “allowed” things to happen or “agreed” to things… when all the while, most of the human population wasn’t tuned into the fact that we were being systematically lied to, manipulated, controlled, programmed, conditioned to obey, etc., etc. Yep, their karmic return has arrived and the archaic and contemptuous systems put into place to keep most of humanity in a state of perpetual but unacknowledged slavery are coming to an abrupt, messy ending. You wouldn’t know it was happening if all you do is watch MSM. They lie, lie, lie… and are the fake news as rightfully and boldly claimed by DJT. More later. ❤ Eliza


  2. Sue says:

    Hi Eliza. I would like to ask you know anything about the ‘violet flame’, or have a comment about it, as they are several books which purport to providing information and tools that will set Humanity free! Thank you.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Sue – I would rather not address such matters at this time. There are books aplenty that you can read to gain more information on the many rays of creation. Meanwhile, meditation and connecting with your own Presence will be far the most beneficial activity for yourself and others in the long run. Humanity has been conditioned to look outside of themselves for assistance, when all they ever need can be reached, with patience, by going within. ❤ ~Eliza


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