Disclosure comes in Steps:


Editor’s Note: Text below was derived from QPatriot17 messages on Telegram. I have edited the text slightly and added notes.


July 2022 will mark a turning point in the consciousness of humanity of Earth, the activation of the Webb telescope’s infrared technology.

This happened but it got Zero Coverage. The Conservative media base doesn’t understand this subject, so they aren’t covering it. That’s a Big Problem considering so much Winning has gone on but you need the Space Intel to know that, when the James Webb telescope will provide evidence of exolife signatures.

We have been made aware, carefully and progressively, of the existence of several exoplanets in our neighbor star systems, but NASA’s new telescope’s revolutionary infrared technology will jump the extra step towards a new era for humanity. It will anchor a door into the Collective Unconscious of our species on Earth, and it will change us for ever. As many of you are thinking by now, NASA knows more than they officially say. Nonetheless, they dropped recently some clues about getting ready for these fundamental sociological changes, such as hiring theologians to prepare humanity for the evidence of extraterrestrial life and even… contact.

People will walk away from religions on their own in the coming years. The sex trafficking/sacrifices and the historical coverups regarding ET’s, such as who Jesus’ father is (Enki), and All Other Lies – Plus: Have you been tracking the Mandela Effect Bible changes? Do a search and dig if you never have.

Moving on…

So, if we handled Step 1 well, then Step 2 happens faster…


Later on, depending on our ability to process Step 1 and get the groundwork ready, the people from the Centauri systems, notably Selo and Meton, will be the first delegations to make public civilian contact on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

This is funny to me, they’re already here. Melania Trump, Sidney Powell, 2 Selosians. How are they going to disclose themselves when they’re here? 😂 (Editor’s note: Not sure about these claims. However, Telosi genetic markers can be found in persons of Northern European descent).

Not only because they have been involved in the 1st encounters with President Eisenhower, in the elaboration of new technologies and defense systems since the 1950’s with the US Navy (such as the creation of the Solar Warden program) and other progressive cells in our governments, but also because they look (and are) perfectly like us. Alpha Centaurians have been living among us for a very long time, infiltrating in our societies all over the world. Pleiadian Taal and Tau-Cetians will also be part of this first group. Hence, this type of first public contact won’t be traumatic for the masses and will occur as a great peaceful step towards the acceptance of other galactic cultures. (Taali from Venus were also involved, including the famous Commander Val Thor).

(Editor’s note: The Taali, originally from the Man system in Lyra constellation, look just like us and are genetically probably our closest ET relatives — although in many cases, our own genetics are more complex. The Selosi are a separate human race. The Metons are descendants of Ahil and Noori who fled the Lyran wars and then settled in the Centurian star systems. The Tau-Cetians are also descendants of Taali colonists.)

PSYOPS – Solar Flash versus Shift into Fifth DENSITY

(Is there a) Solar Flash Coming to “kill everyone besides a few chosen people”?


There’s no magic solar flash that shifts us to the 5th density or kills even one person. That was a trick (a psyop) to make people sit back & do nothing, or sit back in fear.

Sun is already in 5th Density….. Earth is technically too, but the reason the GFW is pacing it (the natural rise in frequency) is so nobody dies. (The Shift into) 5D should be completed by 2024 where we all change in One Moment. Every Body Changes. Everybody evolves out of War-thinking.

(Editor’s note: The artificial retention of Earth’s frequency in third density prevented our natural evolution into 5th Density. Like our Hu-man cousins, the Noor, the Taali, the Ahil, the Adari, and others, we contain within our genetics the keys that allow us to transcend densities and dimensions. We are naturally interdimensional beings. Enlil’s deception has thwarted our evolutionary process, but no longer. His descendants are swiftly losing their grip of control over Earth humanity. We are our own saviors and have the inner abilities to become one of the most powerful races in the Multiverse.)

Two jobs we all have:
Raise our Frequency, maintain it, do not allow fear in.
Get along with each other, humans in general, be peaceful.

Are you in?

Galactic Federation of Light = Fake
Galactic Federation of Worlds = Real

Clowns (yes, the CIA/Nebu Orion Greys) push GF of “Light” because the word Worlds implies life outside of Earth, and, because GFW can’t hear you if you call them the wrong name.

It’s like dialing a wrong number, no connection can be made.

Disregard everything [Galactic Federation of Light]

Note to Readers:

Our Mothers and Fathers, the Seeders, granted us free will. It is up to us to determine our path forward. Do we look to others to “save” us, or do we stand tall in our Sovereignty, on par with the highest frequency advanced races, and accept that we are filled with limitless potential and promise?

It is advisable to turn away from the syrup previously served up to those who were drawn to the New Age teachings. Having been one of these misguided ones, I can say with some authority, that believing that sh#t is a limited, one-way street, designed to distract you from being here and now, in Presence, being a part of Life.

I no longer desire to be somewhere else. While it isn’t particularly easy to watch events unfold, we are living through historic times… times that will be told to our future children and grandchildren for generations. Humanity will survive and thrive on 5th Density Terra and probably swiftly move into 7th Density, becoming like the advanced civilizations of the Ohorai (the Arcturians), the Zenae (the Andromedans) and the D’Akoorhu (8th Density Noori, Pleiades).

Discover the stillness within. Focus on the Flame that connects you to Source. And you will know.


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