The Return of the Grail

Prince Ea, Master Geneticist

The Return of the Grail

All text and photos are taken from Telegram. My opinion piece is at the end.

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Read how unbelievably powerful we are re: DNA

The Seeders, Elena Danaan

This is Elena and Enki talking

Enki returned our ORIGINAL DNA to “Right the Wrongs of Enlil” due to Enlil’s massive worldwide enslavement which is still ongoing but will soon perish forever.

Enlil’s bloodline is most of the 13 families, the Rothschild/Soros level clowns.



“it’s a lot of work but yes of course.”

Enki, Father of modern humans

There he is, the Father of modern humans/Terrans

Not a god, just our species’ creator in its current form.

We’ll be PASSING the Anunnaki in Evolution in a couple decades…we’re going to 7th Density rather quickly after we go through 4th to 5th.

That was Enlil’s biggest fear, us awakening, and evolving beyond them.

Enki wanted this evolution to happen, he said he always expected us to surpass them.

If you get emotional about Enki (Ea), your Soul Remembers…

Here’s how it happened: Original plan (of the Anunnaki) was to create a hybrid race of worker slaves and food (us at the time).

The Anunnaki themselves began impregnating Terran women to get Advanced Souls into the Terran population.

That is the only reason you see such a wide range of evolution with people.

You’ve got geniuses and clowns – Other worlds, their species are All at the Same Level, but not us, and this is why.

Virgin Birth re: Mary?
Enki’s the father.

Same for many others where “angels of the lord come and impregnate women” lol, no it’s ET’s – it’s that simple 😂

Note to Readers:

Watch Alex Collier’s interview with Dr. Michael Salla in reference and verification of this information:

I guess my soul remembers Prince Ea, Enki… Ki is the Anunnaki name for Terra or Earth.

Is it any wonder that after Elena shared a brief message about having met Ea that both she and the reputation/remembrance of Enki would be subjected to heavy attack. The Deep State, the minions of the descendants of Enlil, his half-brother, did NOT want this information made available to the public at all. It undermines all of the fantasy written in religious texts for the past several thousand years.

For anyone who has an open mind and is willing to let go of old outdated childish beliefs in external saviors, the return of Jesus, the solar flash, Ashtar, Sananda, etc., get a copy of Elena’s book The Seeders. It is available in electronic and print form.

So, there it is, the lost Grail has been returned to humanity. Our physical vehicles were very special before the Anunnaki started tinkering with their genetics. As a master geneticist and alchemist, Prince Ea soon discovered that early humans contained the genetics of 11 high frequency ET races, our original Seeders. He wanted to develop Earth humanity into a highly evolved race, but his intentions were countered by his warlike half-brother, Enlil. Enki and his people were removed from Terra and Enlil had his scientists lockdown our DNA to prevent our natural evolutionary development.

Other star races also later contributed their DNA to the mix, which is why you find such a mix of skin and hair colors, eye colors, physical builds, and appearance. Eleven more races including the Lyran Hu-man races (Ahil, Taali, Laan, and Noor) contributed their DNA to portions of humanity. The Selosi from Alpha Centuari had a colony on Atlantis — some of their people retreated underground before the Great Flood and during the massive wars between the competing Anunnaki and Ciakahrr factions. Our unique genetics was the reason for much of the wars; our genetics is the most highly valued currency in the Galaxy. As Alex Collier has oft stated, we are Galactic royalty.

Elena’s second book, A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races, goes into the various species and races that have both contributed or stifled our natural evolution. Earth has an exceedingly complex history that has not been shared by our now former controllers, for reasons that will become clearer in the days to come.

I am nibbling away at my copy of The Seeders. It is packed full of astonishing information.

I know many of my readers are starseeds or people who have come from deeply rooted indigenous peoples. As a starseed, I lived among some of the indigenous people in past lives, but cannot claim the matrix of Terra to be my Home. Even as the genetics of my Earth human ancestral line are reactivated, I will know everything there is for me to know, in the Now. Of course, you can get there through meditation, but strengthening and healing the physical body, too, is important, especially for people who succumbed to coercion and got the vaxx. I didn’t; I have too much stubborn Scot/Irish in me to sheepishly follow the demands of an over-reaching governmental agency.

Despite the hardships that we have all faced living here on Terra, our natural ability to thrive in any setting will kick in when we are no longer subjected to outside interference, namely from the Deep State, the misguided minions and descendants of a nasty-tempered Anunnaki general, Enlil.

There is much to think about… Keep up the flame of Hope. While the covert war is still in process, the ending approaches.

Much love to all,


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