Who Are We? “Useless Eaters” or Immortal Souls?

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Who Are We? “Useless Eaters” or Immortal Souls?

by Laura Aboli

It was important for them to detach us from God, to sever the bond, to misguide our attention in order to make us focus on the worldly, the material and the mundane.

That is how they control us, by making us think we are less; that we are ‘useless eaters’, prone to disease, defenseless, weak, mortal beings with no purpose. That is how they feed the incessant fear.

They have managed to convince the masses that we live in a hostile world, ridden with threats. A world of violence, scarcity, and disease. A world that is dying because of us.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are powerful, immortal souls having a physical experience in this absolutely miraculous Garden of Eden. There is endless abundance, you just have to open your eyes to see.

Endless water, endless energy, endless light and endless food, and humans are endlessly resourceful, resilient and creative. We have absolutely everything we need, not just to survive, but to thrive.

Scarcity has been engineered to keep the power in the hands of very few and keep us fearful and in competition with one another.

Now is the time to bring down all these false perceptions, to see things for what they are, to recognise the magnificence of Creation, to understand that we are part of it, to respect it, to take care of it and to be grateful to God for what he gave us. He’s just waiting for us to see the travesty, the deception, and the stupidity of our ways.

Only when we repent from our foolishness, our vanity, our narcissism, our selfishness and our total blindness, will we finally understand who we are, who we are meant to be and how we had it all from the beginning without knowing.

God is within us and around us is his creation, what more could we possibly need?


~ ~ ~

Note to Readers:

I’ve known these things for a long time, but couldn’t express this wisdom aloud. Couldn’t? Wouldn’t. It was a natural sense of self-preservation. As a child reincarnating into this world, a world still at war, I carried a lot of fear inside my body, which I didn’t understand for years. I do now. At a cellular level, I remembered. Now I am conscious of all of the trauma humanity has endured so now I can feel compassion for those who will be waking up soon… I became conscious as I accepted my own weaknesses, which weren’t weaknesses at all, just the human condition after being traumatized life time after life time… for me at least since before the Fall of Atlantis… thousands of years.

Self acceptance is first… then you can move into forgiveness of self and finally into compassion for both yourself and humanity. We are both individuals and a collective. We have to understand that when one person wakes up, it touches those around him/her, even if they are not yet aware of the infiltration of the light into the dark crevasses of fear. The Light penetrates into the darkness and breaks it up… as the darkness is a denial of light, of wisdom, of love… a turning away from what cannot be left. Light, energy, frequency and resonance are the foundation of matter, of the physical worlds. And the Light underpins it all.

When you can let go of your fear, the fear you have been conditioned to feel, when you understand that Source God Creator is not an angry vengeful or jealous god… when you understand that your body is a vehicle, a container for a fragment of eternity, then the fear of death, of oblivion can no longer touch you. And you are free from the invisible bonds of slavery. You can step forth into the Light and shine like a beacon, a lighthouse for others to see. Even if you do it without uttering a word.

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