Eliza: Radiating the Light that will Dissolve the Darkness

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I read this piece this morning and was inspired to write something…

Let’s not allow the chaos they are purposefully creating bring us down. Let’s see through the lies and the manipulation and focus on imagining the future we crave. If we want to attract a positive outcome we must continue to send out positive energy! Let’s see the good in every situation, and the good in this situation is, that the crazier it gets, the more people wake up!

Don’t let the outer chaos affect your inner balance. Gain perspective, step out of the matrix, be one with your spirit, in alignment with the Creator and start radiating the light that will drive away the darkness.

Laura Aboli


Eliza: Radiating the Light that will Dissolve the Darkness

I can hear the comments now, “How do I step out of the matrix?”, “how do I achieve alignment with the Creator?; “How can light drive away the darkness?”

My answer, “Be still.”

Turn off the television, turn off the cell phone, the electronics, and just be still.

I spent 13 months listening to Kerry K as a member of her online community. She told us these things… things that I knew intuitively if I just listened to the silence within.

We all know these things; it comes down to a matter of applying them in our daily life.

Do we allow ourselves to be bullied by the incessant din you will encounter on social media or do you decide to turn off the political correctness and inconsistencies… downright lunacy of woke media and spokespersons whatever their color and gender?

Ultimately it is your decision. This is something that a lot of people don’t want to hear these days… that they have to take responsibility for their own decisions, as to whose belief systems they will adhere. Being a life-long victim is no longer a choice, although it would seem some folks want to play the entitlement card for their entire life. If you do, you won’t grow or change. You will become a re-run of your own Truman Show, recycling the same blame, shame, and they did it to me nonsense ad nauseum.

I left the Kerry K group as I didn’t fit there any longer, if I ever did. Why should I? Why should anyone attempt to fit themselves into a mold or place that ultimately doesn’t resonate to what they feel within? So, it was my decision to leave.

I have left many groups during my life, many people, yet I continue to grow and expand my perspective. My choices have not necessarily made me a happy person, just a realistic one. I know how to let go of things, in a way that others have a difficult time attaining.

When I saw the terrible damage inflicted upon a Florida coastal community, I knew what I would do if faced with the choice whether or not to stay or go… For one thing, after observing Florida weather, I wouldn’t purchase a house on the beach or low-lying in any part of Florida. Use a little common sense; a house is a huge purchase and one that should not be taken lightly. Seek the high ground.

Seek the high ground in life, not by judging others, just by observing and learning from the actions and behaviors of others. Apply what you learn from your observations and test it for its merit. If it works for you, fine; if not, move on.

I have learned that it is the simple things in life that count. Having a good meal, enjoying a brief conversation with a friend, taking a walk in the calm morning air and watching the busy birds flying and seeking their meal, listening to the wind, observing the colored tints of a sunrise or sunset… simple things that do not demand anything of you but to be present.

Listen to your inner feelings. If you are feeling stressed by listening to the news, turn it off. Go outside and listen to the birds and the breeze. Tarry in the garden. If you don’t have a garden, visit a neighborhood park. Listen to the silence… something that is hard to find these days in an urban or suburban setting. Our world is permeated with incessant noise, yet we need to discover the silence that reigns within our own inner Being.

Humanity has been cut off from their innate Divinity for a long time, thousands of years, due to the creation of an artificial matrix… yet, more recently, this matrix has been breeched. Now, you can sit silently, breathing in and out… and begin to feel an inner stirring… a verification of your deepest thoughts. It is not necessary to compare your progress with that of any other person… but eventually, you will begin to see yourself, your actions playing out within others.

Seek not to judge yourself for past mistakes. I’ve made decisions that I later came to regret, but nonetheless I was glad that I made them… for me, not for someone else.

Each of us is challenged to come into alignment with our Divinity, with Source energy, with our Creator, but we must do it our own way, not by following the teachings or advice of another. Yes, you can listen… for a time, but if you’re like me, the restless urge to move on will surface once more and then, it’s time to move on… acknowledging the guide for what they have shared, taking what resonates and leaving the rest behind.

We are Creator beings, granted divinity through our own physical genome. The matrix long sought to teach us that we were lesser beings, but now some of us are discovering that that was always a Lie. It takes some effort to realize what humanity truly is, what we are capable of growing into if we are willing to step into the Unknown and leave the known behind.

Yes, be the light radiating forth… but the Light dissolves the darkness it encounters. When you begin to discover your Truth, you need not say a word, just be yourself. When you are kind to yourself and have stopped judging yourself harshly, you will not judge others… too much. I admit it is a challenge to observe the behavior of some folks these days, but I have begun to understand they act out their trauma so they can be heard, be seen. These are people who are hurt and confused, who have believed the lie and followed it to its illogical conclusion only to discover it was still a lie. Yet, only they are the ones who can decide when to let go. They must exercise their free will and not be coerced by outside forces, yet the confusion muddles the mind and heart. So they struggle and beat up their own inner child… until they just let go of all the conflicting belief systems.

Light dissolves the inner darkness… and the darkness that exists in others, but it does so by being the Light, not by setting up rules and regulations, expectations and judgment. Just by being itself… true and in alignment with its nature.

Listen to Pachelbel Canon to make sense of my words. The silence between the notes is what you are looking for within. You will find it between the breaths you take during meditation. It is a feeling that once felt you will never forget. Within the silence, you will know what you need to know at the moment you need to know and not before.

This takes trust, trust in Source, trust in your ability to connect, to feel, to listen. Only you can walk this road, seemingly by yourself, at least at first, until you establish the relationship of trust between yourself and Source… that has always existed since your fractal came into matter. In truth, you are never alone. Many unseen beings of light walk beside you, guiding you gently with an occasional comment or nudge.

You are loved. You are love. You are light. You are the Light. Light dissolves the darkness when it acknowledges its power and knows its Truth without question, without doubt.

Be well,



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