The Council of the Shining Ones – Elena Danaan

CONTACT Ep. 16 ~ The Council of the Shining Ones~ Oct 30 2022

From Michael Salla: Fascinating report by Elena Danaan about an extraordinary Council meeting involving Anu, King of the Anunnaki. The meeting came after Alex Collier was told by his Andromedan contact that Anu had been summoned to deal with the crimes of his son Enlil:

Notes taken from the above entitled video by Terran Emissary Elena Danaan.  The video is dated November 3, 2022. (see link above)

On October 26th, Alex Collier received a message from Mornae, his Andromedan contact/mentor regarding an upcoming council to be held where King Anu was to be summoned.  Enlil was to be tried for his crimes in many different places.  It was the first time that such a meeting had taken place.  The Intergalactic Confederation had it all, holographic records of said crimes committed by Enlil, his son Nintag, and their associates.  The Intergalactic Confederation (IGC) requested Anu to intervene between his two sons, Enki (Ea) and Enlil, or they would.

Representatives from the High Council of the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW), the Andromedan (or Zenetean) Council, and the Council of Five were joined by the representatives of the Intergalactic Confederation, aka The Seeders.

On October 30th, Elena was physically escorted to the Council meeting by Commander Thor Han Ereydon of the GFW, via scout ship to a huge mothership in an undisclosed position within our solar system.

The meeting took place within a huge dark holographic projection room.  Holographic projection is used at all council meetings as a security measure.

High Commander Ardana of Excelsior mothership of the Alliance greeted Elena.  She was also introduced to a female member of the Zenetean Council, a tall, elegant blue-skinned lady, who contained a strong royal presence.

In the projection room, there were gathered three Councils from Nataru, the High Council of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the Andromedan Council, and the Council of Five.  As an official emissary of Terra, Elena took part by attending the meeting.

Una, an Altean representative of the Intergalactic Confederation stood nearby to Elena.

Elena noticed that the gathering was divided into two factions:

On her left, was the Alliance from Nataru and the IGC.

On her right, were the “enemy” faction leaders.  Elena did not go into detail about who was present other than two members.

In the center of the projection room was the figure of Anu, king of all the Anunnaki, broadcasting from his home world in the Orion Zone.  He was seated on a throne-like holographic chair.  Elena could not discern whether or not he was wearing clothes, just stating that his figure was very bright.  In ancient texts, the Anunnaki were referred to as “the shining ones”.  They were/are masters of eternal life, master alchemists and geneticists, among other things.

Elena described Anu as being restless, getting up from his chair.  He had an elongated skull, massive presence, slanted blue eyes, and appeared to be 12 feet tall.  His son, Enki, is not that tall.  Anu’s chair appeared to be elevated, with the two opposing factions on either side.

On the Alliance side stood Enki (Prince Ea), attired in a long blue robe, tall and slender in build, with clear blue slanted eyes, elongated skull, and no hair.

On Elena’s right side, sat Enlil.  He was dressed in a yellow jumpsuit with a black stripe down the arms, a black collar and restraints keeping him in place on a chair.  He was clearly a prisoner.  His appearance was very different from that of his half-brother, Ea.  His figure was taller, more robust-looking, with a larger head, prominent large nose, strong cheekbones, clear brown skin.  His eyes may have been yellow or bronze in coloration.  Enlil’s presence radiated eons of power and leadership.  He looked resentful.

The herald of the High Council of the GFW was enumerating the misdeeds of Enlil and his followers, accompanied by holographic images of said deeds.  In the lengthy “movie” many names were presented, including ETs and Terrans, for a total of 375,000 years of Anunnaki interference with the evolution of Earth humans.

Elena also noted that several Earth Alliance (White Hats) leaders were also present, but was told not to share their names – but you can guess them if you want.  The Earth Alliance leaders were standing on Enki’s side with the councils from Nataru.

History tells us that the father of these two men, Anu, did not want to become involved in the sibling rivalry between Enki and Enlil.  He was “tired” and left the solar system to return to his home in the Orion Zone.  The occasion of this departure is noted in physical evidence that can still be found inside pyramids carved into stone, on ancient papyrus, carved into clay tablets, and recorded in ancient legends, mythologies and holy books of various cultures.

Anu was the father figure “of the gods”.  One of his names on Terra was “Ra, the Sun God”.

The sibling rivalry between Enlil and his half-brother is also echoed in ancient stories of Osiris and Set; Poseidon and Zeus; Krishna and Shiva; as well as the Norse tales of Thor and Loki.

With this unprecedented council meeting, the “father of the gods” was back, although not physically present in the solar system.  His son, Ea, was present with his ship, Nibiru, which he now owns since his brother is now imprisoned.

This sort of meeting could not take place between Anu and the Galactic Federation of Worlds as they are equals.  On the other hand, the Intergalactic Confederation hold a higher status, being more advanced and higher in frequency.  They answer to the non-physical supra-physical Council of Nine.

Elena also noted, standing on Enlil’s side of the room a very tall Ciakahrr Reptilian, obviously one of their high leaders. She described him as having two rows of sharp teeth, with skin that looked like a crocodile’s hide, wearing a black shiny jumpsuit.  His olive green wings were clamped together by clips.  He was also restrained with a prisoner collar and arm restraints. Elena learned later that he was actually “the Pindar”, who would have been the highest Ciakahrr representative on Terra and heavily involved in the Deep State plotting against humanity.

At the end of the renumeration of Enlil’s crimes, he was asked by his father, Anu, whether he was guilty.  His reply was “Yes”.  These trials are frequency-based; you cannot lie.

Elena noted that the interactions between the Intergalactic Confederation representatives and Anu were very tense.  The reason for this tension soon became clear when the Altean leader reported that the Anunnaki tampered with a long-term genetic experiment, namely with the evolution of Terran humanity.  The Terrans were under the protection of the IGC.  The Anunnaki did not ask permission to be a part of the experiment, but interfered.

Now, we have progressed to where we can officially become a free, interstellar culture.  Enough people have anchored 5th density and many are waking up.

Enki has returned with the original Adamu DNA, thereby redeeming the karmic debt of his people for their interference with Earth humanity.

The son of Enlil is also being recalled from Earth/Terra.  It wasn’t clear whether or not he will also be imprisoned, but probably will since he was heavily involved in the constant divide and conquer methods used by the Anunnaki and the Ciakahrr to keep humanity divided against themselves and not against the true enemies, their off-world, illegal controllers.

Let it be noted that the Anunnaki are NOT gods… this includes the “God” mentioned in the Bible and other “holy” texts.  The Anunnaki are extraterrestrials, not indigenous to Terra.  Their divide and conquer techniques were picked up by the Romans and later by the Roman Catholic Church and other institutions.

Humans are now uniting together against their real enemy – variously known as the Deep State, the Illuminati (the regressive ones), the Satanic Khazars, the Jesuits, and other regressive mystery schools.

Elena reported that Enlil was arrested last year, in September 2021, when Enki returned to this solar system in his ship, Nibiru.  The Pindar (the Ciakahrr leader) was also arrested.  Nintag will be or has been removed from Terra.

Is it a coincidence that the sleeping giants are now waking up?

The Intergalactic Confederation are superior in authority to the Anunnaki. 

As a result of these proceedings, there are going to be some changes on Earth.

It is an honor and a privilege to be present, incarnated during these times.  We are the true Warriors of Truth!

❤ ❤ ❤

Note to Readers:

I took notes from this video as I feel this Council meeting represents a MAJOR turning point for the evolution of humanity on Terra. I recommend listening to Elena’s video… all of her videos. She is doing amazing work on behalf of all of us, as an emissary for Terra to the Councils of other worlds.

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