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Eliza: The Dominion Has Fallen

Eliza: The Dominion Has Fallen What is the Dominion you might ask.  Well, it is (or was) the Mother Hive Mind that had control over the Nebu, the Alliance of Six, who, at one time, had conquered 21 star systems … Continue reading

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Enki and the Awakening Anunnaki God-King Scientists

Enki and the Awakening Anunnaki God-King Scientists Michael Salla – Exopolitics Today This is the trailer for the upcoming Dec 3, 2022 Webinar titled: Enki’s Return, Adamic DNA, the Tree of Life & Awakening Giants. Trailer discusses what is known … Continue reading

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Eliza: It’s Honey Badger Time

It’s Honey Badger Time Okay, everyone, it’s time to shut off ALL comments. Why? I’m getting some really stupid comments. Let me make this extremely clear to all readers, especially the new ones who have just arrived on this little … Continue reading

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