Galactic History: Elena Danaan Discusses Anunnaki, ET Root Races

Galactic History: Elena Danaan Discusses Anunnaki, ET Root Races, Atlantis and more

Portal to Ascension

Elena Danaan is a remarkable historian, archaeologist and expert on galactic history. In this episode, she discusses the Anunnaki, ET root races, and more. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of our galaxy, then this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Neanderthal – early Earth human
  • Our bodies are borrowed; our souls are eternal
  • Pangea, ancient continent, orbit was different
  • Earth first found by the Nagi, reptilians who settled on Earth
  • Reptilians often claim Earth as “our planet”
  • Creation of dinosaurs, terraformed planet for their needs
  • Other ETs came… DNA was saved. These ETs were the Intergalactic Confederation, the Seeders
  • They call themselves the PaTaal, but there are 24 different races
  • Humans were first seeded in the Lyran constellation, the Man star system
  • human life has expanded in galaxy; other worlds were seeded later
  • Lemur-like creature was one of our “ancestors”
  • All life was given even chance to develop
  • The Seeders started a new genetic experiment on the paradise called Earth
  • Natural evolution with added genetics from 10 different ET species…
  • Neanderthal developed on Earth, aligned with Earth matrix
  • The Seeders left to allow evolution to continue…
  • Shortly after, the Anunnaki arrived from Orion and Sirius B… managed to whole Orion Zone
  • Hybridized race, extremely intelligent, highly advanced
  • Anunnaki root race came through the Orion Portal, wanted to expand their civilization
  • Settled on the abundant Earth… and began mining resources
  • Prince Ea, Enki, half-brother of Enlil (or Yu) the general of the expedition
  • The Anunnaki brought the Igigi… who eventually rebelled
  • Found the “black heads”, the primitive humans
  • Enlil wanted to improve the genetics of the Earth humans and requested Ea to do the job
  • Enki recognized that the “black heads” had 10 ET genetic traces
  • He activated the genetic abilities of the human, creating the Adamic genome…
  • etc.
  • Each planet develops a “sphere of consciousness” – a sphere that wraps around the planet
  • Evolutionary development – consciousness
  • When you have developed consciousness en

Galaxy, star system, planet

When we develop… the fractal of consciousness has been seeded, planted into the planet to allow consciousness to develop

Some come to Earth. Do you belong to the planetary matrix? Have you completed your cycle of incarnating, self-awareness…

You may have been seeded elsewhere.

Orion wars… the Nebu had taken the Orion zone. Beginning of the Council of Nine (5 now).

~ ~ ~

A little history of Terra.

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