Eliza: It’s Honey Badger Time

Why Honey Badgers just don’t care…

It’s Honey Badger Time

Okay, everyone, it’s time to shut off ALL comments.

Why? I’m getting some really stupid comments.

Let me make this extremely clear to all readers, especially the new ones who have just arrived on this little blog. I do NOT make any money off of my blog; it is free. It will remain free, but enough is enough. I do not feel any obligation to pander to anyone.

Currently, I am posting things that may be considered as controversial to some people, specifically those who are not awake yet. I have been awake for decades. And even I have gone through various stages of awakening, like everyone else. Since I have managed to come out of the fog, means others can do so, too.

In regards to any of the video links not working, that’s your problem on your end. If I notice something has been shut down, typically on YouTube due to censorship, I will look for the same video that might be found posted on BitChute or Rumble. So, if I can find these pieces, you can, too. I’m not a super techie and I’m not your mother. I don’t hold people’s hands. That is your job.

I started my first blog over ten years ago. At the time, I had no instruction other than a few suggestions from another blogger. The rest I figured out on my own. Again, you can do this, too, with enough inner motivation.

I am not a newspaper editor; I edit my own blog, decide what to include and not to include. That’s my responsibility.

Your responsibility is 1) learn your tech enough to get around; 2) if a link doesn’t work, figure out whether it is your tech, lack of knowledge, or sheer laziness… that isn’t my problem; 3) if you don’t like the content, go elsewhere. There are thousands of blogs and other sources for you to persue; 4) I will not comment on developments in disclosure. There are extremely valuable sources out there. It’s your job to find them just like I have. Also, since most of the material I am currently posting is not authored by me, I will take it down after two to three weeks. I selectively choose some material to archive for my own purposes (later archives, curiosity) but most will be deleted.

Right now, since I am being triggered by stupid comments, I’m shutting them all down. When I am no longer posting as much disclosure material, I may allow comments, again, but not now.

If you’re going to pout, go elsewhere. Like I said, I’m not your mother to coddle anyone who isn’t responsible enough to figure things out on their own. Ascension requires emotional maturity. I’m dealing with my reactions and emotions; you deal with yours including expectations.



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  1. Ellen Sovereign says:

    100% your call on the comments shutdown. I’m a new subscriber and very glad to have discovered your content. It’s right up my alley. Thank you. Haven’t read any comments yet but personally don’t need any more negative nellies just looking to vent, or stir things up, or wanting to feel good about themselves by pointing out whatever about someone else, especially these days. Constructive opinion / information sharing and discussion is a different matter.


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