Eliza: The Dominion Has Fallen

Orion Constellation from Terra

Eliza: The Dominion Has Fallen

What is the Dominion you might ask.  Well, it is (or was) the Mother Hive Mind that had control over the Nebu, the Alliance of Six, who, at one time, had conquered 21 star systems in this galaxy (Nataru), including our own, the Sol system.

To read Elena’s article on this HUGE and magnificent development for this quadrant of the galaxy, go to:


Alternatively, you can go to Elena’s YouTube channel to find the video that accompanies this article:


Now, how do I feel about this amazing development? Elated.  Vindicated.

Like many starseeds who came to Terra to free this world, many of us in prior lifetimes were involved in the Orion Wars that, according to Alex Collier, lasted some 600,000 years in Earth time.  When I learned about the Black League and their role in fighting the onslaught of the Nebu in the Orion Zone and neighboring star systems, I knew I had been somehow involved.  I was a resident of the Sirius B system, probably a T-Ashkeru (pronounced “Tash-ke-roo”) one of the hybrid humanoids who settled on some of the planets in the Thula star system (Sirius B). 

The T-Ashkeru were a hybrid race of humanoids, developed from the genetic joining of Taali colonists and the indigenous pacifist non-hive Grays of the triple star system of Ashkera, which includes Ashkera (Sirius A), Thula (Sirius B) and little Emerya (Sirius C).  The Ashkeru humanoids co-habit with numerous other species including Insectoids, Grays, Amphibians, and Reptoids.  You, the reader, can discover more about this amazing star system in Elena Danaan’s book, A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races (2020).  I have found this book to be a great reference on various extraterrestrial species/races, especially those involved with Terra.

I have written a version of what occurred during a couple of half-remembered lifetimes in the Ashkera system although the text is colored by some misinformation presented to me through a former mentor/friend.  Since discovering the work of Elena Danaan, who works with reliable sources from the Galactic Federation of Worlds, I have realized that the earlier information I was going from in writing my story was far from accurate.  In fact, all or most of it was misinformation, whether intentional or innocent… something that really isn’t my duty to pursue or judge.  I have adjusted my perspective and continue to keep an open mind as humanity as a collective learns more about their own past and our galactic history… in short, how we got here in the first place and why such odd things are now happening on Terra.

You can read my version of the Sirian conflict with the regressive Orions, although it is far from accurate, by accessing the page on this blog labeled “The Sirian-Orion Conflict – Lord Delos” (https://wordpress.com/page/sunnysjournal.com/20544).  Although I recently (within the last year) rewrote this piece with the main characters being Katayy or Taali colonists who settled in the Ashkera system (planet not noted in Elena’s book) with dark hair and eyes, and probably a bluish-brown cast to their skin color, a genetic attribute of their Adari ancestors… in reality, I was probably one of the slightly-built, white blonde, green-eyed triangular-faced T-Ashkeri.

In the case of the T-Ashkeru people, size means nothing.  They are giants of invention and technology, having developed amazing materials for building ships and buildings, weapons systems, medical systems, etc. 

On Morga, the outermost planet of the Thula (Sirius B) system was infiltrated by a combination of Ciakahrr and Orion Gray agents long, long ago, creating what came to be known as the Ashtar Collective as opposed to the Ashtar Galactic Command.  The latter group left the Ashkera star system, joining with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, as a mercenary support group, with a large fleet of starships and a huge station located in the Sol system, which has played a vital role in negotiations being held between the Earth Alliance and several other galactic councils and the Intergalactic Confederation (the Guardians or Seeders).

Just to hear that the Ashkera star system is finally freed from the tyranny of the Nebu and their Ciakahrr allies was wonderful. 

Elena’s video and article (linked above) explain in more detail the whys and wherefores of what, how, when, where all of these things happened.

For those who were a part of the real Star Wars, finally those worlds, souls, and civilizations that were lost in that huge conflagration have received vindication for their dedication in continuing the fight to free this galaxy from the Ciakahrr and the Nebu.  Thanks to the Galactic Federation of Worlds and their quick thinking and planning, this great victory was possible.

Terra is also in the midst of freeing herself from the lingering effects of the presence of the Ciakahrr and the Nebu here on our planet.  The Deep State minions are a remnant of this regressive alien influence, unacknowledged by the main stream media and unknown by a sleepy populace, who are still lost in the poisonous dreamland of MK Ultra mind-programming.  Nevertheless, some of us have managed to break free from the delusion/illusion of the artificial matrix and are in the process of learning more, through our own meditations on these subjects, our increasing self-awareness, and the hard work presented by those who have been contactees during their lifetimes here.

I don’t have any conscious memory of being a contactee.  I do know that I am probably a starseed, although from what planetary matrix I don’t currently remember.  It really doesn’t matter.  I am here on Terra now taking a small part in bringing forward disclosure information on my little blog and just being awake and aware.  And I was thrilled to hear Elena’s news that Ashkera is freed. We are learning that Earth humanity is more powerful than we were ever taught.  As we each awaken, we will awaken new worlds from within our own imaginations for we have the potential to be living creator gods.  We are the product of a long-term evolutionary and genetic experiment… now, it’s time to step out of the nest and into the worlds beyond.  The stars beckon…

Eliza Ayres

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