Cosmic Brilliance


  • The history of the Starseed Envoy Program that began three decades ago
  • The return of 24 races of Seeders/Founders
  • Council of Five
  • Nine giant space arks that are activating right now
  • Many of those attracted to these interviews and Elena’s work may be starseeds
  • Multi-talented author, artist, archaeologist, official emissary of the Galactic Federation of Worlds
  • Accurate depictations of ET races
  • Elena is also a clothing designer

What exactly is an envoy and starseed? Starseed is Earth-term. Envoy or volunteers, ETs use the term “envoy”. Who set it into motion? Generated in our timeline on Earth three to four decades ago, but planned much earlier in time. This goes back to the Orion Wars.

Elena then tells us a brief survey of the Orion Wars…

Notion of time in this galaxy is different depending where you are located. Several thousands years ago, there is a huge nebula with a double vortex portal, interdimensional. You can even project yourself into the Void. Whoever commanded this portal is extremely powerful. First, the portal was a neutral zone. As some of the Orion Grays started to grow and develop their civilization, they wanted to control the portal. Local populations didn’t want this to happen, which led to the Orion Wars. A planet got blown up… prisoners on a ship were rebel leaders. (remember Star Wars? ) This rebel group was known as the Black League. They were really struggling as they did not have an established military group. The Grays were a hive mind, so they became very strong and unified. The Council of Nine, a gathering of nine highly developed cultures, not all from the Orion Zone… they were not a military power, but could not be reached by the Grays (higher density). These Elders helped the rebels to organize. The rebellion was destroyed… but at the same time, the Galactic Federation of Worlds was formed to create a power to respond to the threat. The Council of Nine was reduced to Five… one race quit, others were destroyed. Council of Five still existed (see Elena’s books for further explanation). Once the Nebu took over the entire Orion Zone and started invading other star systems. The GFW was formed to become a military force that could defend various star systems that were being threatened by the Nebu.

Interesting story goes on longer…

The envoy program would be a “ground army” that would incarnate into the local populations, to awaken the people, and free them from the control of the Nebu.

Annax is Elena’s ET ancestral “Father”, through her grandmother.

The Orion War was/is a temporal war.

The Nebu are a hive consciousness, reptloid DNA, insectoid hive consciousness. Nebu means “the Masters” or “The Dominion”, Eban, the Grail… etc. The Queen is organic arificial intelligence like a spider. Use cubes… Each planet with the Gray culture has a hive. The Queen of the planetary hive merged with another Queen… adding worlds, and then they enslaved small Grays, connecting them to the hive consciousness. They started to develop this on Earth, too, by modifying the genome of the human (nano tech inside the body to interface with the Hive). The Queen had control of time and dimension because She controls the Orion Portal.

Holograph doesn’t mean illusion. The Universe is a holographic construct.

Fascinating information!

Commander Thor Han does NOT channel. Connected to Elena through implant tuned to GFW frequency. He is an Errahil from planet Erra in the Ashaara (Taygeta) star system.

The Black Goo is related to the Covid vaccinations… The Nine told Elena this…

The New Age groups were plugged into this black goo, too… been there, done that… and left it!!!

The Nebu were on Terra since the 1940’s. They started a program to assimilate the humans back then. Hybrids are half-Terran. They are NOT our descendants from the future. Do not welcome them back.

As Alex Collier states, Earth is boot camp for discernment.

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