Le Marquis de La Fayette: An Open Letter to the Citizens of France (2015)

George Washington and the marquis de Lafayette

Le Marquis de La Fayette: An Open Letter to the Citizens of France (2015)

Channeler: Eliza Ayres

Note to Reader: This morning I woke up and felt a message being formed within my awareness, the now familiar “feel” of a channeled piece taking form. Surprisingly the source was / is from one of my parallel lifetimes, as the military genius and one of the early proponents of a French Republic before that country fell into the dark and bloody years of the Terror. In this lifetime, I have not been able to learn French and I have never set foot upon the sacred soil of that ancient nation. Someday I hope to visit, but sadly, in light of the current situation there, I have chosen to postpone my visit for now.

Still, through the power of the Internet, I hope these humble words which have come from the heart of this great and mostly forgotten leader of men will be read and heard by some of the citizens of present-day France.

As with any channeled piece, keep what resonates and release what does not. The reader is responsible to use their own discernment as to whether or not a piece has merit. If you disagree with the words expressed herein, you have the option to go elsewhere. This expression is not given forth as political statement one way or another. The citizens of France or any country are free to choose what steps they are to take to free themselves from any whiff of tyranny. As channeler, I stand in neutrality, seeing the outplaying of events. It is all energy, all experience.

A French translation for this message will be available in a couple days, thanks to a pair of long-time readers of this blog.

Now to the words of the General:

Citizens of France, I sent you my blessings and salutations during these dark times for your Republic. She is threatened, you are threatened, from within by dark forces that are determined to both punish and subjugate your people and bring you into servitude once again.

These forces do not honor or respect borders or nationality. They wish to dominate and enslave all the peoples of the world, but first their focus has been on the Middle East. Recently, their focus has moved to Europe, in an attempt to grind the free nations into pulp, to destabilize both the governments and the rights of the common man.

What you see playing out before your terrified or angry eyes is the replaying of the timeline of the Terror, where the infant Republic of France fell into a long blood bath. In those days, the hatred of the people were directed towards the ruling classes of the nation, towards the King and Queen, towards the aristos and landowners and eventually towards the intelligentsia, who were regarded with suspicion by the unschooled peasants of the countryside and lower classes of Paris.

My own family suffered at the hands of the unleashed thirst for blood, revenge, and chaos. I lost family, property, my career… everything to the unbridled flames of the bloody revolution. Even today, the memory of my service and my life has been largely forgotten by a people determined to forget that dark period of their own history. My name has become a mere shadow of memory in a dusty hall.

Unlike most of you, I have actively striven to forgive myself for my mistakes engendered during that lifetime and have forgiven the citizens of France for the injustices perpetrated against my family and my beloved infant republic, as once envisioned in the hearts and minds of rational enlightened men. My dream of a land of the free and brave for all French citizens of any rank still does not exist in today’s world. You are all owned by bankers and manipulated by forces that disdain your very existence, even as you hated and disdained the aristocrats of my generation.

The timeline of the Revolution has collapsed, but the darkness that has been suppressed by generations of French people has to be released. You have a choice now, my friends, to plunge back into darkness or to reach for each other’s hands and unite in the face of your tormentors.

The current elite of the world from over 40 different nations have banded together, hiring and supplying murderous religious fanatics to destabilize the Middle East and its erstwhile successful and strong democracies. The manufactured terrorists of ISIL and El Qaeda have been armed by Western bankers, trained by Western intelligence services and politicized by fratricidal idealists determined to destabilize the remaining free countries in the region. This is not about a religious jihad, this is a manufactured conflict designed to break all countries of their nationalistic tendencies and to unite the survivors under the domination of a fascist one world government.

Wake up, my former countrymen and women! Unite with your Syrian brothers and sisters; unite with your Italian, Greek, Spanish, Irish, British, and Portuguese fellow citizens of the European Union and face up to those who would deny you the right to a life abundant, free and loving. Walk in the path of Mohamed Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and others who sacrificed their lives in the name of Freedom. Stand together in masses of thousands, millions of citizens gathered in a spirit of unity as the Goddess Libertè guides you once again, not this time in a blood bath of innocents, but unified in your belief that all men are created equal in the eyes of the Divine.

The frenetic energy of the Terror, “Off with their heads!” is raging through your ranks even now as this long suppressed collective memory is being released. This time it will be your heads and your livelihoods that suffer if you do not stand together as one nation indivisible in the eyes of God.

Forces within your own government and those in other countries desire to contain your power, to prevent the people from uniting for they fear the Light that is within you. You are many; they are few. Never forget it as the balance of Fate is on your side if you so choose to defend the right of your families, your children, and your future generations to live in freedom. Or you can choose to live a life intimidated and beaten down by a fascist regime that is governed by those who disdain and fear the power of the masses.

Despite the propaganda being put forth by the controlled mass media sources, your current government and its sponsors, the international banking cartels and the shadow government that exists behind all current regimes worldwide… they are not attempting to protect you from the bogeymen of the Islamic terrorists. They are trying to prevent the incoming Light from the Cosmos from waking you up out of an age-long sleep. They are attempting to prevent or put off their own loss of power as the energies of the incoming new age support them no longer.

The planet is ascending. You are ascending into the Light or descending into the heavier denser regions of the third dimension. It is a soul-choice that needs to be taken on by each individual. Look within; search your own hearts to feel out whether or not you wish to continue to be intimidated by those who have no power over you UNLESS YOU GIVE IT TO THEM!

Today I stand before you as a Galactic ambassador. No longer am I defined by what family or country I have been born into. I have stepped free of the Wheel of Karma, and yet I remain here to serve those who would also step into their divine power, wisdom, and glorious love.  I have integrated the essence of my higher self within this fragile human body and am now truly Free as never before experienced since the descent into density taken voluntarily so long ago and yet only a moment ago in the ever present Now.

God has not forgotten you, my dear citizens of France and the European Union. Allow yourselves to integrate the dark energies of the Terror, to seek forgiveness within and to release your fears. Step into the Light that awaits to receive you into the arms of the Angels. Call upon them when you need support. You are undergoing a national crisis, citizens, one that will take every one of you to unite together, arm and arm. Turn and face your real enemy, your own fears, and walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death together. Be not afraid, for many unseen walk at your side, the ones lost in the Revolution, the wars of Napoleon, the wars with Germany, the World Wars and recently in the Middle East and the War on Terror.

War is not the way to solve human problems. Living in fear within your apartment is not the way to free yourselves from the tyranny of fear. You must face down the darkness that has existed within and purge it with the fires of redemption. Call upon the Violet Flame of Le Comte de St. Germain, the Flame of Freedom, transmutation, and transformation. A new world awaits you if you can release your fears. It is a new world where ALL the children of Earth will be united, where all will partake of abundance, beauty, creativity, and joy.

This day I send to you my blessings. I have been released of my karmic burdens through my diligent service to humanity and freedom through the Ages. I have lived as man and woman, as rich man, and poor man. I have been a Druid, a warrior, a saint, a king, a military leader, a wife, and mother, and have played many other roles. In the end, this world and the experiences that unfold within it for you are the collective outplaying of your own consciousness.

There is duality, dark and light, male and female, and so on, but to assign energy as being “evil” or intrinsically “bad” is to assign a judgment to what simply is. Move beyond the need to judge self or others and see this human experience as being just that… an opportunity to learn through experiencing the physical realm. It is a realm where the vibratory level of the sound and light waves that create space are slowed down enough to appear solid and unchanging.

Nothing is permanent in this world save its original blueprint designed by Source and produced by Creator. Nothing can destroy the divine blueprint from which your soul was created. You are a fractal, a part of God, Source energy, the Divine. You cannot be unmade despite what the false religions of god and man have told you. Therefore, there is no need to fear that you will be destroyed if your body dies. You are made up of pure light, pure consciousness and are indestructible… unless it is your choice to be unmade, a choice usually given to only those of the darkest energies who have so fully divorced themselves of the Light that they seek oblivion. Their energy is returned to Source to be used in the creation of new souls. Energy is never lost or forsaken; it only changes its form.

You live in a freewill universe. Until now, dark powers have reigned over your world, but that is all changing now. There is now a powerful influx of Light from the center of the Universe, of protonic light particles, Gamma Rays and X-rays that are penetrating through and into the very cellular structures of your bodies, changing and activating your DNA. As individuals work to clear the miasmic energies that have lingered in the Ka bodies (astral body) from lifetime to lifetime, they become open to accept the transmutation qualities of these powerful Galactic light waves and begin to transform into pure Light Beings. It is a process that has taken decades for the First Wave of Light workers to achieve, but one that can be undergone in a matter of a few short years or even months depending on pre-birth contracts. Will you resist the Light or embrace it? It is your choice.

Dear ones, this is a time of opportunity to release the dark past of your collective unconscious and to unite in bringing a fresh start to your people, together with the people of the world. Start small, start locally, build up your resources and work together. You contain within your own hearts all the wisdom you require for the tasks that have been placed before you, should you decide to move towards unity consciousness.

I love and respect the current citizens of France and of Europe. I forgive you all the suffering that my soul has experienced during lifetimes spent there. I am free now of the darkness engendered through many lifetimes that I chose to balance and integrate before I came into this lifetime. And now I stand free, blending with the multidimensional energies of my higher Pleiadian and Dragon Guardian selves. I am one with the Archangel Michael collective, the Blue Ray of Protection and Power. I have long served this Ray and have integrated its qualities of service, devotion, power, and wisdom into my very being through long lifetimes.

I bow to the divinity within each of you and recognize and see the light that exists within each heart. Be free, dear ones, and know that you do not walk alone. The Angels walk with you. Your Galactic brothers and sisters watch over you. Grant them permission to work with you, as they must wait for an invitation. They respect your free will and honor your decision. They love you no matter what direction you choose to go.

Adieu, mes amis et mes amies. Walk free and bravely in the Love and Light of your Creator which lives within each of you.

I AM the Marquis de La Fayette, former citizen of France, defender of the Flame of Freedom within all Life, citizen of the Milky Way Galaxy.

© All Rights Reserved, 2012-23, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

P.S.  For those who doubt the statements herein that Western Governments and Israel have inadvertently or intentionally armed, trained and supported DAESH (aka ISIL or ISIS in the States), read and watch the following… The development of Islamophobia is the intent of the recent false flags… all the way back to 9/11.  It is a geopolitical agenda to lie to the people and attempt to start WWIII.  It is also an attempt to keep the populace in fear so that the emotional turmoil will continue to feed the controllers… 4D Astral Beings. Ciakahrr Reptilians (the Pindar), Nebu (Grays from the Orion Zone), and the Satanic Vatican:


And read:  http://www.shiftfrequency.com/cia-no-government-accountability/

The Arab Spring: Made in the USA


My fellow Americans:  You will NOT read or hear this kind of information on your corporate-controlled, government propaganda-laden mass media outlets.  Do your own research and discover just how your government has been lying to you and manipulating the media.

UPDATE:  Well, the citizens of France are in an uproar.  France has secretly capitulated to the White Hats and will be leaving NATO sometime this year or next.  Events are moving swiftly as the people of this planet are finally being freed of the bonds put upon them by outside forces. ~Eliza, 1/26/2023

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