Reptilians and Grays – the Nebu

Reptilians and Grays – the Nebu

By Eliza Ayres

Note to Readers:  The italicized portions of this article are from a piece I found on Telegram with which I heartily disagree.  I have been aware of this Kabamur fellow who maintains he is a Pleiadian, whether contactee or simply a channeler, I am not sure.  After reading the piece, whether this person’s opinion or channeled information is unclear, I discovered some really glaring misconceptions being shared, which is typical of Orion Gray manipulation. I realize that all of us are entitled to our own opinions, but when such information is presented as fact and truth, that is manipulation.  It is subtle and interwoven cleverly into the script.  I have authored an entire article (see below) detailing the real facts that I am aware of now (which is subject to change) after reading the works of Dr. Michael Salla, Elena Danaan, Alex Collier, Paul Wallis, and others (I have a pile of books to read!). I fully realize that disclosure is ongoing and there are still many dots to connect regarding our planetary history and what/who really exists out there in the Multiverse.  For some reason, I felt compelled to script this point by point narrative, to display what I feel is intentional disinformation being presented by popular channelers.  You are welcome to disagree with the points I have presented and write your own commentary.  However, I am turning comments off.  If you disagree, take it elsewhere.  BTW, this isn’t the only fellow (male/female) who is presenting disinformation as truth.  Having been drawn into such a scenario myself, I can identify the stuff fairly accurately. For several years, believing what others had told of my soul origins, I totally identified as being a Pleiadian walk-in (which may or may not be true) and be aligned with the Galactic Federation of Light.  The latter name is a dead giveaway for a psyop, or psychological operation by the clever Orion Grays, master manipulators of consciousness who are aware of the weaknesses of the human psyche.  I walked out of that manipulation just a couple of years ago. This is no laughing matter.  There is still Orion Gray manipulation in effect in many unsuspecting “channelers” and healers, including hypnotists who are encountering patients who are carrying astral connections to Grays.  Just say “NO!” to any Gray material you encounter.  The Orion Grays and Ciakahrr have been physically REMOVED entirely from the solar system, in all densities.  Anyone who contradicts this information shared directly from the GFW who are actively monitoring our solar system is lying, purveying fear porn, and aligned with the regressive ETs. Wake up!

For those who live with a phone in your face, this article will be too long.

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Racism is ignorance which is taught. Racism against ETs is no different than racism against humans, with the important distinction there’s only one human race, with different physical characteristics. ~Kabamur

Yes, racism is an ignorant behavior, one that humans have been conditioned to accept as a way to divide and conquer Earth humans, who belong to one race, the human race, no matter their genetic origins.  Those “elite” who have controlled the masses were influenced by regressive ETs. Whole systems were developed to psychologically manipulate population groups, dividing them into religion, genders, skin color, belief systems, and whatever else could be dreamt up to divide people and keep them from seeing how much they have in common at a consciousness level.

There are blue, green, and red people on crafts above us. It’s never been about 1:1 representation between humans and star races. Every physical human feature is represented by an ET race somewhere in the universe, not necessarily the ones here now. Ideas of race and diversity have become a form of control used against humans.

The physical characteristics of Earth humans – 22 different types – stem from the 22 to 24 different ET races that contributed DNA to the Earth Project.  Ten of these races were from the PaTaal, who include several races and/or species. The PaTaal are intergalactic in origin, i.e., they are not from this galaxy, but several galaxies.  Their story can be found in the book, The Seeders, by Elena Danaan.  Then, at least 12 to 14 other galactic races contributed their DNA, as well.  Alex Collier was told by his Andromedan (Zenae) mentors, that at least 22 different ET races have contributed to the DNA library of Terra.

It is unusual to have so much diversity in the indigenous population of any one planet.  With the addition of these 22 to 24 different genomes added to early humans and later tweaked by the Anunnaki, there is bound to be quite a variety of physical characteristics, in height, skin and hair color, eye color, bone structure, but all Earth humans have blood that turns red when exposed to oxygen. 

Skin colors are an adaptive feature of human physiology, dependent on the environment and degree of radiation coming from their sun.  The Adara of Vega have blue skin.  The Katayy of Kashta in the Ashkera system (Sirius A) have reddish skin tones and dark hair.  The Adari and Katayy are both descendants of the Taal who were originally seeded in the Man system (aka “Lyra” or Kepler 62) by the PaTaal. There can be variances even within an ET population.  For instance, the Zenae (aka Andromedans) are a Lyra colony in the Andromedan constellation.  Migrants from Adara, these Taali developed a bluish cast to their complexions.  However, females sometimes have golden skin and golden hair.  The Lyran people know how to adapt their genome to the atmospheric conditions and components of their new planet when they build a new colony.

Which ET race are humans the most afraid of? Orion Reptilians5. This fear isn’t unfounded as they are one of the main groups who have manipulated Earth. For this reason, humans have always had a subconscious fear of Reptilians. Zeta Greys would be a close second because they have abducted humans.

The paragraph above contains ignorant statements and broad brush labels.  For instance, what is an “Orion Reptilian”?  There are Reptiloid races that live in the Orion Zone, but many of them are benevolent.  The author is referring to the Ciakahrr or Reptilians from Alpha Draconis, a bothersome race, militaristic, with an insectoid-like societal structure (pg. 141, Elena Danaan, Book of Alien Races). They are an extremely aggressive race that has terrorized the galaxy ever since they were dumped into this dimension by another race.  Elena calls them the Mafioso of Nataru, bullies.  They laid claim on Terra because one group, the Nagai, the warrior caste, started terraforming the planet well before the PaTaal showed and began their evolutionary experiment to create a new sentient human race.  The dinosaurs were developed by the Nagai and then abruptly destroyed by the PaTaal so they could begin their new scientific experiment.  We are talking about a passage of millions of years in geological time. 

The Orion Gray race, the Eban from the fifth planet of the Carina (Betelgeuse) system, Reptiloid Gray beings ranging from six to nine feet in height, were heavily involved with the Cabal on Terra, in the underground facilities, hybridization programs, and soul scalping.

The Do-hu or Zeta (Zeta Reticuli) were enslaved and genetically modified by the Orion and Ciakahrr Empires who used them to prepare the ground for invasion – the story that they are a “dying race” story so they can gain permission to abduct humans in order to upgrade their degenerated DNA.  They were the literal toe in the door for the Eban and Ciakahrr to gain entry onto this planet and begin formulating plans to conquer Earth and depopulate the indigenous peoples, namely us.

The Solipsi Rai were also heavily involved in abductions, at the service to the Killy-Tokurit, Maytrei, and Reptiloids.

The little grays who are usually portrayed when people are referring to ETs in general are the Shambnahali (Zeta Reticuli) who had bases underground where they worked with the US-military. These Grays are commonly called “Zetas”.

Further information on both the benevolent and regressive Grays can be found in Elena’s book, The Book of Alien Races, pgs. 296-97.  Those generally named “Grays” because of their skin color and identifiable features are commonly Reptoids, less commonly, Insectoids, Saurian, amphibians, and Vegetal.  As you can see from my very brief synopsis, there is more than one kind of Gray race/species.  Even Elena’s tome is not a comprehensive guide for all of the possible alliterations of “Grays” to be found in just this galaxy, only those who have been in some manner involved with Terra.

Orions have incarnated into elite bloodlines, and they hide in astral. There are also benevolent Orions among the Elohim of #GalacticFederation who originally upgraded humans. The lesson here is that good and evil isn’t about what race you are but your personal decisions.

The Anu consisted of several races and species, as the Old Empire of the Anu encompassed the entire galaxy at one time, long, long ago. Upon the combined intrusion of the Ciakahrr and the growing empire of the Orion Grays, the king of the Anu decided to withdraw his people into a parallel dimension, something these ageless people are quite capable of doing.  There remained an Anu presence in Nataru (the Milky Way) galaxy and several of their outposts are still extant. Enlil considered Terra as part of his territory.  Enlil, the half-Reptilian – half human son of king Anu and half brother to Enki (aka “Prince Ea”) had dominion over the Earth after driving Enki from it, creating the flood that abruptly ended the Lesser Dryas glacial age, killing off 90% of the human population and drowning great cities beneath 100’s of feet of salt water. Later on, the Anu developed colonies all over the planet, with an “Elohim” or “sky god” as its ruler.

When the time came for the Anu to physically leave the planet, they left behind earthly kings, some of whom had Anunnaki bloodlines, namely that of the cohorts of Enlil. These aggressive peoples developed into a war-like people who followed the regressive practices for committing human sacrifice, drinking blood, and worshipping their ‘god’, Moloch, which is one of the names for Enlil.  There was still an Anunnaki presence in the solar system, namely on Saturn, until just recently when Prince Ea formally handed over the custodianship of said planet to the Earth Alliance.  The long reign and presence of the Anunnaki on Terra began the concept of the divine right of kings granted by gods… and then God, depending on the prevailing religion of the area.

The Anunnaki were the uninvited custodians of Terra for a long time and also interbred with Earth humans.  Prince Ea, better known as Enki or Custodian of Earth, was/is a master geneticist who upgraded the human vehicle, creating the perfected human Adamu, but in his laboratory secreted within an Edin (protected bio-dome) inside the giant planetoid-sized star ship, Nibiru.  This is yet another long story, which I will not get into today…However, Enlil, the half-brother of Enki was/is half Reptilian.  When Prince Ea was driven from “Ki”, his sky-general half-brother ordered his scientists to tamper with the human DNA, so they became tamed and had shorter life spans.  The perfected DNA engineered originally by Prince Ea was taken “off-line” to become the quantum (non-physical) or junk DNA found by scientists.  Enlil also left his mark on humanity in the presence of his human minions, who became the first kings, setting up the whole “divine right of kings” psyop. Kindly note that the “Elohim” of the Bible are not and never were “gods” but “the powerful ones from above (or “heaven”).  In short, they were the Anunnaki invaders, some of whom were benevolent in nature like Prince Ea, and others who hated and wanted to control/wipe out humanity like Enlil.

Orion or “Uru An Na” in the Anunnaki language is a complex zone of Nataru.  The Orions who invaded Terra were both Grays and Reptilian species: Maytrei, Killy-Tokurit, The Grail, Ciakahrr, and Indugutk.  The “Nebu” Orion Empire or Alliance of Six were heavily involved in controlling the population of Terra, for various reasons.  The Ciakahrr are originally from Alpha Draconis but have claimed colonies throughout the galaxy and have terrorized star systems for millions of years.  Some of the complex history of this “alliance” can be found in Elena’s book, “A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races” (starting on page 211).  Orion is a vast complex of star systems and contains both benevolent and malevolent ET races/species.  The benevolent Council of Five comes from Orion. The Ciakahrr were a part of the Alliance of Six and participated in this uneasy alliance for their own agenda, which was, primarily to have access to human blood for adrenochrome, preferably the blood of tortured children.

The Alliance of Six, which included both Orion Grays and Ciakahrr Reptilians were very active in abducting humans. There were some 20 and back programs arranged through the dark ICC, the Nazi breakaway civilization based on Mars, and other dark secret space programs.  Humans were broken using mind-programs like MK Ultra, augmented, and used as super soldiers by the Nacht Waffen (Dark Fleet), by the Ciakahrr and other regressive ET species.  Humans were also kidnapped and sold off-planet… and out of the solar system by such ET species as the Maytrei and The Grail.  The Eban of (system) were heavily involved in abductions and hybridization programs.  Humans were kidnapped/abducted by both ETs and Deep State military for a variety of reasons.  There are whistleblowers and abduction survivors now coming forward with their stories and with documentation. (see “Ceres Colony Cavalier” by Tony Rodrigues for one such story).

Assigning the label of “evil” to the Orions is utilizing an extremely broad brush. There was more than one Gray race involved with the US-military and their underground bases, not all from the Orion Zone, either. The Gray Alliance or Alliance of Six, are extremely intelligent and capable of manipulation.  They have been involved in human abductions, up until all regressive ET races were removed from Terra and the solar system by the cooperative efforts of the military arm of the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Earth Alliance (made up of the former secret space programs of various Earth-based nations).  Human abductees were often programmed with Trojan horses that would activate and take over the mind of their “victims” when triggered, as the Grays/Nebu were aware that they would eventually be driven out of the Sol system.  The Grays were also heavily involved in the Gray-human hybridization program, designed to set up the return of the Grays back into the Sol system, as “our brothers and sisters” from the future… a bald-faced lie and manipulation of those Earth females who were forced to carry and bring to term hybrid Gray-human children.

There’s unfortunately a lot of bad info in the disclosure community from sources telling stories of humans being prisoners of Reptilians, and Pleiadians fighting to free humans from captivity.8 This is all entertainment with no substance.

“Negative Orions and Sirians” – This author is suggesting that all the Alliance of Six and regressive Anunnaki under Enlil and Nintag wasn’t a bad thing for Earth humans.  Well, I beg to differ.  Just recently, in 2021, the regressive Alliance of Six, which included regressive Orion Grays and Ciakahrr Reptilians, as well as interdimensional Gray races like the Maytrei, were physically removed or driven out by a military operation overseen by the Galactic Federation of Worlds because they were interfering with the evolution of a young race, the Terrans… Earth humanity.  This was in direct violation of the Prime Directive.  Also, in 2022, the Annunaki king, Anu, was told by the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds, the Seeders, that they, the Anunnaki, were not the custodians of Earth.  The Earth Project was started by the Intergalactic Confederation, and they are the legal overseers of the Project.  Anu was told very politely to release his grip from any planet or moon in the solar system.  Anu’s son, Enlil, was placed on a prison planet after confessing to his thousands of crimes against humanity in this system and others.  The only positive thing about the now former presence of regressive ETs on this planet was to act as a prod to wake people up.  An Earth Alliance of over 30 militaries are cooperating in the permanent removal of those minions who were abandoned by their ET overlords, the global elite, and Deep State.  Without the backing of these interdimensional forces, the plans and agendas of the Deep State are coming to naught and worse, are being revealed to the public through the efforts of alternative media sources and amateur journalists.

Below are more specious comments from this fellow (possibly influenced by the former Orion Nebu Hive AI or programming):

There’s no power struggle. Dark forces are not free to do whatever they like but are given limited ability to manipulate. Humans do evil to each other.

The last sentence implies that Earth humans are inherently evil, which is untrue.  Humans have been conditioned for millennia to fear “other”; it is learned behavior not inherent to the race.

As we’ve explained, Earth isn’t a prison. It’s a school for Soul development preparing 3D Earth to become a 5D galactic civilization. No one is fighting to save us. Earth-native souls have nowhere else to be and starseeds return home between lifetimes.

Another bald-faced lie.  Members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds and our own benevolent Secret Space program, known as Solar Warden and lately, the Earth Alliance, have fought and died to remove the regressives from the planet.  Now that the regressive ETs have been removed, the Earth Alliance is working to clean up the planet.

God-Source didn’t put us in a prison and isn’t fighting a “devil”. These are human stories to explain what humans don’t understand.

The concepts of “evil” and “the devil” or Satan, are Earth-based.  The benevolent councils of the galaxy work to maintain balance. They do not judge one human as better than another.  They do not worship “gods” or a singular “God”.  They understand all life derives from consciousness, the ultimate consciousness of Source, which is not a physical being… nor a “him”.

Earth, Terra was a prison planet, one dominated by off-world entities including the regressive faction of Anunnaki (Enlil and his minions), the Alliance of Six, and other species/races who abducted humans for the intergalactic slave trade.  The GFW had Earth quarantined for a time, until it was decided to assist in freeing the solar system from the regressives, a task completed in 2021.

The Anunnaki have perfected eternal life through the indigestion of monoatomic gold and have the ability to move their soul essence from one avatar to another.  The Anunnaki who first visited Terra some 375,000 years ago are still living.  This includes King Anu, Prince Ea (ENKI), and Prince Yu (ENLIL), all members of the royal Anunnaki Family, who were originally based both in the Sirius B system (Thula) and the Orion Zone.  The Anunnaki once controlled the giant interdimensional portal located in the midst of the Orion Zone, in M42, the Orion Nebula.  There are no five eternal races within the Galactic Federation of Worlds.  There are higher dimensional light beings like the D’Akoorhu of Dakoorat, who are involved in the High Council of the Pleiades, the Ohorans of Ohora (Arcturus), and others, 6th – 10th density.  The Orion Council of Five (originally the Council of Nine) are not all based in the Orion Zone.  They are a benevolent council of highly evolved beings who have stewardship over the evolution of humanity on Terra.  Along with the Andromedan Council, which includes the Zenae (Taali descendants from Lyra), the Council of Five were the ones who advised the military arm of the GFW to get involved in removing the presence of regressive ETs from Terra… due to events they saw playing out in 350 years that would negatively affect 5th density worlds and engulf the galaxy in war.

Below, is a link to an article from Elena Danaan, entitled “The Collapse of the Dominion” that explains in more detail the complex history of the Nebu starting with the Orion War and ending with the collapse of the Orion Queen Hive AI network:

I hope this article has given some of my readers more understanding of the complexities of who, what, and from where our adversaries derived.  Terra, Earth, has a complex and long suppressed history.  We will continue to learn more about it and ourselves, especially when the Deep State, the last remaining vestiges of off-world control of humanity, are finally taken down and removed.

I would also like to emphasize the need to be extremely discerning as to what sources you are believing.  I would venture to say most channeled information is unreliable and much of it is coming from regressive AI programming, non-physical sources and therefore, is based on subtle but deliberate lies.  These lies usually consist of about 10 to 20% of the content and are designed to hook into the emotional body of the person who follows the information.

If any channeled material presents “end of the world” scenarios, “the ETs are going to save us!”, or “a solar flash is coming and we’re all going to 1) be saved; or 2) die!”, if any thing is demanded of you in the way of believing or behaving.

In the end, each person is responsible for making their own decisions, learning to listen to their own intuition, utilizing critical thinking and common sense.  If anyone demands you to obey without question, it is a set up to take your power.  Just say “No!”

Find your center.  Remain calm.  Anchor and connect to the Light within.  Be the Light house amidst the Storm.


© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

P.S.  The person I was quoting above (in italics) is called Kabamur and claims to be from “Taygeta”.  When a channeler uses these words: Pleiades, Taygeta, Galactic Federation of Light, etc., they are expecting to trigger a response in star seeds.  Real Pleiadians do not say they are from “Taygeta”, which is an Earth-based name for one of the Seven Sisters, the star cluster we know as The Pleiades.  They would say they are from the Ashaara system (Erra, T-Mar, etc.) instead.  Of course, even Elena Danaan uses “Taygeta” in general conversation because it gets tiresome to continue to educate people who are unfamiliar with the ET names and terminology.  So, in short… IMHO, Mr. Kabamur is highly suspect but make up your own mind.

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