The Taal-Shiar from Alcyone / Jayha — Galactic Anthropology

Taal-Shiar (Illustration by Elena Danaan, 4, p.251) Now the Nebu Empire has collapsed (1) it might be interesting to see what other groups are left that have had a negative impact on humanity on our planet. In her latest update Elena mentioned new negotiations with the Taal Shiar from Alcyone (2,3). This page tells their […]

The Taal-Shiar from Alcyone / Jayha — Galactic Anthropology

Note to Readers:

These “Pleiadians” have not been benevolent. So when you channel “Pleiadians”, you may be channeling the Taal Shiar…

Ask further information, such as the race, planet, and star system in their real names, not something broad like “Pleiadian”.


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