Corina Pataki & Elena Danaan | Enki, the Eden Connection – Part 1

Enki and the Eden Connection – Elena Danaan

This week, Elena Danaan, joins host Corina Pataki of The Quest For Truth | Hidden Mysteries TV for an engaging discussion.

In this in-depth interview, Elena discusses with Corina the secret that the evil ones did not want humanity to know. Who we truly are, who the god of the Old Testament seems to be, the Sumerian text, and the truth of the power we carry, that all of creation is looking for… for us to release IT!

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The truth has been caged and hidden in the underground under the Vatican, because they never wanted you to know the truth that would collapse their construction.

The one true God is the pure frequency of LOVE. This god is not the one that the Vatican wanted you to fear, get down on your knees and obey.

Humanity has been manipulated by fear, by a god of bloodshed, intolerance, greed, chaos… the god of the desert, Yahweh or Yuh, Enlil, an Anunnaki extraterrestrial.

This is a powerful revelation for those who are ready to hear it…

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Note to Readers:

I do not consider myself as a Christian, but I love Yeshua, who taught us about a God of Love, Source, Creator. We… our eternal souls do not need a church, a meditator between ourselves and Source.

Elena is an archaeologist who worked in Egypt. She claims that the current Jewish rituals are based on Egyptian rituals. Egypt was a colony of the Anunnaki… make your own connections.

Elena speaks with direct source through extraterrestrials, associated with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, The Council of Five, the Andromedan Council, and the Intergalactic Confederation aka The Guardians or the Seeders.

Carina is Romanian born, brought up in the United States. She is a biblical researcher.

Paul Wallis is another researcher who has discovered that the God in the Old Testament was actually gods, elohim is a plural. Enlil, Ninurta, and Marduk took turns playing the God in the Bible… and Allah.

I have always wondered why modern day Christians constantly quote the Old Testament. I have read a good portion of the Bible and was appalled with what I was reading.

Humanity has been duped to make a covenant of death with an entity who is pretending to act as Source.

Most extraterrestrials do not have a religion. They honor Source and each other as being fractals of Source.

Enlil, Ninurta, and Marduk have been removed physically from Earth by the Intergalactic Confederation, a group of beings who are of higher frequency than the GFW and the other councils from Nataru, the Milky Way galaxy. This is one reason we are seeing the darkness that has always existed within religious institutions now being revealed to those who can see…

It is time for human beings to retake their personal sovereignty. You do not need a minister or priest to assist you in connecting to Source. Your Earth human vessel contains the quantum technology that will let you make a direct heart connection with Source. You just have to start… and it is up to you to discover who and what you truly are.


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